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reading on the road again

23 September 2008
10:52 am

i want to say some things like "oh, this was my vacation!" but i have an hour to shower, dress, make lunch, drink my second cup of coffee and be on my way, so i don't know there is enough time, but perhaps i can do a bit of writing at work, though i prefer not to have the spiders in india looking at my innermost thoughts (or the ones that tread across the surface, as those are the ones that often get reported) but i'd also prefer not to let beach vacation 2008 drift to the wayside, as so many things have gone before her.

most exciting, is this friday, kevin and i will have a little party and watch the first debate, and it will be super awesome.

then he will get this art job he's trying to get, we will move to california, and i will quit doing collections and make my living picking grapes in a vineyard

simple as that