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August again

30 July 2010
8:17 am

my face.. is swelling slowly. two days ago, it was not this bad. now.. I am a half-chipmunk.. at this rate, by the end of the weekend, I will be half-bulldog. it is sad. so sad.

tonight is the company party. downtown. must socialize. have the drinks. bat my eyes. tomorrow. more cleaning. packing. Sunday. THE MOVE. lucky John & Keely managed to find a couple to move in last minute. LUCKY THEM. Katie moves out today. Kevin bought pizza for everyone last night. we could've sat around talking, enjoying our last time together, but John wanted to watch Mr Show. because he can't sit in a room and talk. he has to watch something. or smoke pot. I am highly critical at the moment. Katie and I sat on the couch silently. sometimes we looked at each other. the pizza was good though.

and soon. soon. soon.

then Joe-row will start working here on Monday and later I will discuss those implications.

here we go.