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rudderless in the void

13 December 2018
1:37 pm

i'm so happy that i get to plan a big trip and other exciting events, but if my face could stop ripping apart at the seams, that would be really great, thaaaanks.

i spent two days trimming all the fat from my tumblr presence. i was going to set fire to the whole thing given (a) recent policy changes and (b) lack of use in the last five years. I normally leave all kinds of detritus across the internet, so it's interesting that my instinct was to shut this one down. content, i suppose. anyway, i was convinced not to delete it entirely, even though i don't use it, so i spent two days combing through it post by post, reducing my count from 640 to 190.

not as much as here, obviously, but there were lots of interesting things in there. experiments in expression, notes interesting for their chronology, a shameful fixation on introducing myself and feeling already too old and out of touch for that place, even though it opened me up so much.

anyway, tumblr is dead. long live tumblr.

someday, maybe, we'll find some place else to go