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rocked to sleep

27 February 2019
3:28 pm

I'm starting to have lots of little thoughts again and I really need to stop putting them in that grossplace because they don't belong there and I shouldn't let them have them

I need to get a work so I can pay for this one, or just, yknow, write for myself somewhere

but I notice my hands are starting to stiff when I wrap my fingers around a pen late at night

sometimes I dream at night or day about people who, as far as I can tell, haven't been on this place in more than a decade

Hawaii was very pretty and I wouldn't mind seeing it at my leisure; apparently, constant fine dining makes me feel like I'm under attack; being surrounded by olds who are larping for opulence or just complaining about concrete & metro areas gets.. really fucking annoying

definitely will never complain about staring out over an endless ocean night & day

and I sort of taught myself to do an ampersand even though it sometimes looks like a treble clef