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general business update

28 July 2019
2:12 am

well, I've gone and done it, so I guess here I am. I paid money so I don't feel guilt for using this space and contributing to my fear of its eventual sudden and debilitating disappearance, and I paid money because I feel like that gives me a reason to write here, a motivation to come back, a reclaiming of the space. Will I? I don't know. What have I ever written here anyway. Either way, I don't really care, since I have been using this site mostly for free for 18 years. This shit is old enough to vote or die.

But not old enough to buy lottery tickets or cigarettes, at least in this county. So, there's still time. How old is an adult these days anyway? 25? 30? 48? Pah! What a world if I could be here this long.

[I've been driving a lot the last couple days and have been digging through the remaining CDs I can find. Today was the Cruel Intentions soundtrack, and boy am I feeling a little colorblind.]