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monday is one of my days off

07 October 2019
2:11 pm

I wonder what it would have been like if my new tendency toward anger and dramatic irritability had shown up in my 20s.

Especially if it was before my dad died? Probably not great. "lol."

The brain gets tired and upset, and out comes the New Cray. It is... not fair to anyone.

Right now is pretty good, though. 60 degrees is better after it's dipped below that. The windows are open, the "90s alt ladies" playlist is on, and I'm burning a red ceder cone incense I bought while I was in Lake Placid a couple months ago. At the time, it smelled very much of the local woodsy areas. When I brought it home, I was upset. It smelled to me like hamster chips. But now that I am burning it... back to the woods.