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Jack Handy? More like Jack Moody, am I right? she said, dating herself

19 November 2019
10:57 pm

I've been saying forever (a long time) that I need to be tracking my moods, and I wish that I had been doing it all this time because it would (hopefully) be easier to tell whether a bad day after a good day was cause and effect, if I missed my pills or slept too early, if it's pms or the moon, or if I'm just shit (oops - "a pebble" - that's what I'm calling it now)

But as I am a pebble, I cant fathom how the fuck to do that. None of the systems I've tried have worked or lasted, though that is, in part, due to discipline. And poetic musings don't chart, even if they are at least a record

Anyway I'm annoyed about the cost of my meds without insurance, though luckily there's an app for that, and insurance blunders should be over on the first. I'm also annoyed about income thresholds for insurance assistance, but who isn't

It occured to me that pandas are cute and I like watching them, but they only exist because we want them to, and at least dogs picked us before we started designing them