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12 June 2020
1:09 pm

my body has one oz of energy
(joule, or whatever)
that is currently committed to keeping me awake
though I have several points of exhaustion

this is entirely unnecessary

so I am laying in bed eating cheese
hoping that the digestive process will demand
that energy
because right now, even laying on this bed feels like a chore

I started an entry yesterday and was supposed to click send on it even if I didnt finish it, but I went to bed very early so I figured I'd finish in the delightful morning but instead I didnt sleep that long and couldn't get back to sleep and I started trying to nap hours ago but none of the tricks are working, so anyway I'll have to remember to press send later because it's in the other room and now I've given up on trying to go back there

someone bless me with magical sleep sounds. daytime noises aside, even my preferred pleasant sounds are cacophony