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27 August 2020
2:08 pm

i am reading the news sites for info about last night and i see an ad from the health department
it says, you know
avoid large public gatherings, wear a mask, etc
and then it says
'answer your phone if the health department calls'
and i'm like, how am i supposed to know if it's the health department calling

so i try to look up their outgoing numbers and don't really find anything
i've had calls from a couple random local numbers lately
so i call the one back from yesterday just to see
eventually it goes to voicemail for someone named lisa, okay i hang up

she calls back. "hello?" i say.
"who is this?" she says.
"you called me yesterday," i said. "was it a wrong number?"
"i guess so since i don't know you," she says, annoyed
"okay then have a great day," i say, annoyed