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one time I ate too many apples and gave myself a stomachache

29 August 2020
5:06 am

that thing where you're looping why can't I just start over in the middle of the night
and you scroll by an ad for some awful mobile game
take you back in time and start as a baby
it says, in rhythm

Dan planned to stay at his mom's tonight, which is usually a cool thing. I kind of wish he hadn't. I was almost asleep six hours ago and missed my window I guess. I asked him to call in sick today so he could stay up with me because I was afraid to sleep. We looked up the weird video games from early youth. Facemaker on the Commodore 64.

yknow, I remember being exhausted by fall of 2016, but now it's like, fuck, by WHAT. prince and bowie? absurdity? clowns?? hold up, 2016, lemme introduce you to 2020.

i am so not looking forward to the next two months, or what follows

i don't want to finish my puzzle because then i won't be able to do it anymore

i feel more comforted by a charming group of friends who put themselves on the internet and don't know i exist than any friends who know i exist

either we're distant or everyone is already thin

i guess there's this box again
that's cool

i wanted to get up in less than five hours
not be squeezing tears at 5am

just give me the zzz's okay