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like hamster chips but in a pleasant way

03 September 2020
6:52 pm

burning some of the red cedar incense I got on my trip to the adirondacks last year. I need more quality incense instead of this shit that always smells like soap

I am now on my second psl of the year. In recent years I have only had one, as ritual. It doesn't feel great on top of cramps, but the cramps mean relief from mind monsters, and the latte is helping with an interest in autumn, and winter to follow

I was far more enamored with fall when I first moved here. now I fear it because of what comes after. but I have to do something about that this year. I want to survive.

I am a day and some hours out from the worst now. not in full, but better. It got rough and scary, and I wish to avoid that as much as possible.

so of course I wish to do ALL THE THINGS - cleaning/nesting, art, projects, dancing - but I have to remember that if I do too much at once, I will put myself right back into bad back territory. we can't have that. no, ma'am. we must survive.

so fold a little laundry, change the calendar, then sit for awhile and consider what nanowrimo could look like this year. consider how to organize all these fuckin' art and desk supplies so we aren't drowning in them. consider what presents you can make for the holidays this year, for it is unlikely there will be much money involved there. then you can fold some more laundry and carefully pick a few things up off the floor.

one thing at a preciously slow time. and maybe, just maybe, start drinking water again.