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oh wow melania's orange juice dress though

20 January 2021
9:49 am

I was going to write something the other day about being 38 now
and my mom reminding me she was 38 when she started school and changed careers, and 39 when she met Keith
point being: life still changes

and then also a poem I want to write about 'when this is all over I will hug everyone in their new soft flesh' or some shit, and 'I used to be afraid of needles and now I've never wanted one so badly'

but now all I'm thinking about is how much I wish I still had access to cspan like I did last time, because it's fun to have access to a feed of people showing up - like finding a direct feed of an awards show red carpet - without having to listen to the chitter chatter of news people and their thoughts

hard to tell who anyone is with the masks anyway

but like, now like

it's here

I know it's not perfect

but it's here

I will be happy to be just a regular level of mad at the government

and I

like, whatever

I will let myself cry a little when a woman