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how am I supposed to dance in the futuretimes if I can't get this back to cooperate?

24 January 2021
6:17 pm

I took a calculated risk today and went had my hair cut. I know the stylist - she's already had the thing - the salon is responsible (there was only one other person in the building), and I recently had that negative test. I spent a very silly amount of money to do it, but it's been a very long time since I've done that and jeez louise, it was worth it. We cut off a little more than three inches and it's still very long, but now with more texture, so I can look like a proper forest/swamp witch instead of a creepy ring girl crawling out of television sets. Then I purchased a berry-purple top and long sparkly black skirt, the kind of thing I would twirl in at new years, but at a proper discount since it is now almost February.
Responsible use of money? I don't know. What is "responsible." I supported an acquaintance in their affected career, I can say that. And I can say I staved off death for a little while longer. For now, for now. I can twirl around, at least for a few minutes before my ol' back gets cranky and complains.