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I'm still here

10 June 2021
11:17 am


When I was living in my downtown neighborhood
and going by my other name
A fellow introduced himself
"Hello, my name is Abraham."
and I chose to reveal,
"My name is Sara. Isn't that something?"
"Ah," he said, "We were destined to meet."


Two days until take off.
She says, "I don't kill bugs."
And yet, I have never witnessed
someone in so much pain
that it is etched on her stomach, her legs
her shredded arms


One afternoon I am stuck in sunrays
and I know if I pull my shirt up, my sleeves up,
my shorts down,
I will burn further,
but I am living for even the slightest hot breeze


She posted something on the internet an hour ago
with a picture of something she did last night
and I just opened the door to face well-intentioned
but ultimately ineffective police
A tactic she actively works against


"Renci de Shangdi, qing dai wo zou.
Wo xiang mei er, mei xin, bian shitou.
Please God, make me a stone."


They threw rocks at God in anger at their fate,
then threw, not the Torah, but the keys to the temple
for safe keeping
until their return