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in the forest, there's a garden

08 July 2022
4:32 pm

playing everyone's favorite game of is it a weed or will it have a pretty flower if we wait

my red raspberries aren't ready until they turn black

apparently owl feathers are illegal to own but one stood up straight in my yard so I think it was a gift

last I night I watched a scare bug eat a tiny moth, then I read a Virginia Woolf about a bug on a windowsill and my singing heart poured out of my eyes after only a handful of words

at the other house the queen of all bumblebees landed on my arm and hung out while we listened to a song from my old band

and there, I am grieving that house and a lot of things about it,

and not about it,

and this move has taken forever,

and it is draining in every way,

and the movers finally do their thing tomorrow,

so I sit here looking out at this yard that is maybe three sizes too big, waiting to go back there for the last night,

and I wonder if I will weep again,

but the houseplant says not to worry about it,

she's been here for weeks and everything's fine


see also the revival of 'running up that hill' coinciding with regina spektor's new 'up the mountain'