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after the party is the after party

20 August 2002
10:24 pm

Lately my father has taken to calling me Renae on a semi-regular basis. Partially because that's my middle name, partially because there was a waitress named Dara and our names sounded too familiar when being yelled behind the wall of heat that is the Line (we work together, in case I haven't already made that clear.. it has its advantages). Point being: I like being called by a different name. Furthermore, I like answering to two different names.

More on duality: tonight I venture to the soon-to-close Pleasuredome for not only my first night club experience, but my first drag-- excuse me, female impersonation experience as well.

More on fema- drag queens: I think I get to go in the dressing room.

More on dressing rooms: grab your camera, girl.

More on all that: Where the fuck is Mark?

More on Mark: I have the power! He's here.

Come on, pretty, he says.