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i'm late again

20 August 2002
4:27 pm

last night i went to bed before midnight. i opened my eyes twice before i actually decided to get up, at 9:45. and it felt late. and when i got back up at 10:45, it still felt late. in every moment of every day, unless i am entirely preoccupied with something, it feels late. i'm always late, except when i'm early.

right. anyhow.

this afternoon, as i was driving through the neighborhood across the street from the high school, i saw a team of lawn care specialists. a fat old woman on a sitting mower, in a moo-moo, and an old man with a baseball cap and a blower. from the distance i was at, it appeared he was blowing it UP the moo-moo. but i have a wandering imagination.

the end.