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be what they want or be who you say

28 June 2019
2:42 am

every now and then, I'll still wish on an old star

just a little, like a faint daydream, gently, y'know

sneaky long-silent songs will do that

the softer version of the 'what if' game

why am I always ashamed of my feelings, always afraid of my little sins

well, probably because I have been seriously misguided at times

but I'm starting to feel like maybe I've earned a little leeway, c'mon

from myself, most of all

my love is not a suction cup or a bullet

it's just this nice thing that is sometimes too much for everyone, so instead I make it too little because I dont know how else to be

it's cool, whatever, man

I am what I yam, unless what I am is wrong

then I am what you yam until I am sprouting and bruised

good thing I'm making an effort to not do that anymore with anyone

lol idk what I'm saying

I am well out of practice