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lil molly has a smiling face

23 January 2021
2:21 am

8 degrees tonight, snow tomorrow
no sign of temperatures higher than the 20s anytime soon
honestly, that's not bad for this time of year
and I should remind myself that by the end of the month sunset will be at almost 5:30
but it's definitely winter now, it's definitely winter tonight
because I'm like
"I want this all to be over
I want this all to be over
winter, the isolation, the restriction
...but what for
I have nothing to go back to
barely anyone, and I've been grateful to be removed from some
so what's my deal, man
I wish I were doing anything
that there wasn't rock salt in my socks
that I wasn't afraid to cut my own hair
that I wasnt writing this dumb shit in the middle of the night"

Sigh. Anyway, it's winter and I was asleep for like two days and that's never a smart time but at least I seem to be keeping this plant alive