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Some of that positive feeling I mentioned

10 December 2019
9:04 am

1. Complain about locals commenting on your household chore balance
2. See that it's supposed to snow again, decide to take Dan's turn out of spite and general sass
3. Hate this idea when, by the time you're ready to take on the task, it's 16 degrees and dark soon enough. Remind yourself that it's going to be worse later and you'll be mad if you dont do it now
4. Be shocked when, now for the third time, you walk outside to start and your mood shifts to YESSS
5. Halfway through your meticulous clearing, decide THIS IS ART NOW, because if you are building something, then you are invested in it remaining cold, and you do so love to manipulate your own mind
6. Now you are playing and you need the snow that's on the driveway so you might as well clear that too. Decide you should take a break and realize, oops it's been 3.5 hours
7. Begin to succumb to a reasonable couch death but instead insist on leaping up to run unnecessary errands
8. Stop by sweat-house to (a) remind self that the whole point in joining was to go when it's stupid cold (b) pickup keycard since you haven't actually been yet (c) since you've already done your vigorous exercise, take advantage of the tanning bed for the first time (d) cry inside a tiny sun because OMG HECK YOU, 12 WINTERS
9. Leave the next stop and think, ah, refreshingly cool air on my face! It is now 4 degrees

I was concerned that it hadn't hit December and I'd already had some bad days (still am), but, especially in the face of this unseasonable cold, yesterday was a massive victory in #waronwinter2020