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Tangled braids

27 August 2020
11:03 am

I took benadryl last night so I would just go to sleep. Luckily it worked, but I think I must have been mostly asleep while writing those last night. I don't really remember doing it.

I still want a cigarette. I am on day 35. This is the worst it's been since Michael pissed me off, and it's probably not as intense of a craving. But it is more sustained.

I got out of bed early, but I have returned to it. I'll have to go out later to pick up the CSA box, unless Dan goes to his mom's tonight and picks it up on the way. More rhubarb, I think. CSA boxes are mostly rhubarb, it seems.

I want my own little apartment in a pocket dimension. That way, I don't have to take up actual space, but I can still have a hidey-hole that's sacred and all mine.

I don't know what to do today, and I probably shouldnt stay in bed.