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it's been nine days and nineteen hours since you gave my keys to me (ah-ah-ah-ahhh AH)

14 June 2022
7:52 am

Coffee, damn you. Coffee, I drink you. I don't think I've had coffee since.. last Tuesday? Wednesday? I remember singing along with Prince's original Nothing Compares 2 U the night before, when the local cool radio was doing a birthday tribute. This morning it popped back in my head while I was waiting for the coffee, and I sing it softly in the dim light of a sun still behind curtains. I don't know how long I slept, but I know I've been permanently up since 5, after waking up once or twice an hour for a few hours. But I don't know when I fell asleep to begin with.

Coffee, I drink you. Nothing compares to you. Nothing compares to not being sick. So I'm going to pretend to be awake and better, especially since I discovered workers putting orange cones and other construction barriers out on this godforsaken wonderful street.

Coffee, be good to me and don't exacerbate the desire to smoke, please and thank you. I wasn't having any trouble until the last day or so, and if it weren't for the knowledge it would make me feel like I can't breathe, then I probably would've given in by now. Well, now that at least one of us is permitted to be around anyone, since we don't have any. I tell you, quitting smoking is difficult, but when you've been smoking and have a bunch of shit to do... it doesn't make it easy.

But I wouldn't be smoking unless I was feeling better, right? So if I do smoke, then I must be feeling better. That's how that works, right?

It is not.

Our contractors are supposed to restart today and this house is such a disaster that I'd have to hide even if I wasn't sick. Bah! But at least the plumber will be back at the end of the week and god help me I'll be able to take a shower without having to drive half an hour or whatever. Which is what I had to do last week, and since I can't very well drive myself when I've got the dizzies, it's an ordeal.

Noooothing compares...nothing compares! To showering in your own house

Well, *aheam* one of my houses, lol "lol"